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Baniya Matrimony

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  • Matchless Matchmaking
    Matchless Matchmaking

    In the last 20 years, we have helped over 1500 singles; find their perfect matches, across all Baniya castes; including Agarwal, Gupta, Maheshwari or other.

  • World-Wide Network
    World-Wide Network

    Our match-making services are not limited by any physical boundaries; and extend to all major cities and states across India; as well as abroad.

  • Flexible Customisation
    Flexible Customisation

    We offer highly customised services; to help you find the most suitable Baniya family, as per your requirement.

  • Dedicated Support Team
    Dedicated Support Team

    Our team is dedicated in assisting you with all your queries; profiles short-listing; and fixing meetings with suitable prospectives.

  • Match-Making Expertise
    Match-Making Expertise
    You can rely on our years of understanding; of matching people and families; across and within various Baniya castes, be it Agarwal, Gupta, Maheshwari or other.
  • Trained Professionals
    Trained Professionals
    Our team is trained to have an eye-for-detail, to find you only the most perfect prospective matches; and years of experience to follow the best one through
  • High Success Rate
    High Success Rate
    Having been in the industry for over two decades, we have successfully matched, over 200 high profile families, within the Baniya community itself; and still counting.
Baniya Matrimony

Baniya Matrimony - One of the Best Marriage Bureau in Delhi NCR

A Baniya marriage is all about glitters, long-celebrations, and a lot of customs and rituals. We have been a part of 700+ success stories, and have matched couples from Agarwal, Gupta and Maheshwari families. Our team of matchmaking experts can help you find the right match in Baniya families.

Agarwal Matrimony

Agarwal marriages are not just about matching the couples, but it's also about finding the right families. We at Golden Matrimonial Services are highly experienced in finding prospective matches in Agarwal families.

Gupta Matrimony

Our team has 20+ years of experience in matching the bride and grooms from Gupta families. At the core, we understand how important it is for Gupta families to find the right prospective match.

Maheshwari Matrimony

We offer services to find the right partner and family in a Maheshwari caste. Our handpicked data of Maheshwari brides and grooms exists in 15+ cities in India ranging like Jaipur, Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, to mention a few.

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