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  • 20 years of Experience

    We pride in our 20 years of experience in successful match-making across all Baniya castes- Vaish, Aggarwal, Gata Aggarwal, Jain, Maheshwari and Oswal.

  • Baniya Matrimonial

    Our extensive Baniya Matrimonial database is spread over U.P., Rajasthan, Gujarat, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and many more metros and non-metros.

  • Personalized Services

    We offer highly personalized services to help you find not just the best Baniya families; but the most suitable Baniya families for you.

  • Assisting you with all your Queries

    Our team is always just a phone call away; whether to answer your queries; to coordinate meetings; or to serve you with better and more suitable profiles.

Why Choose Us?

  • Matchmaking Expertise

    Match-Making Expertise

    Whether you are looking for an Aggarwal, a Gupta or a Jain match; you can rely on our understanding of the Baniya categories; to match people and families perfectly.

  • Qualified Team

    Qualified Team

    With a team of highly trained and experienced professionals; led by an even more qualified directors; we leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the perfect Baniya match; and then seeing it through.

  • High Success Rate

    High Success Rate

    Having successfully matched over 200 high-profile families, over a period of just two decades; our performance has remain unmatched. And you can expect only the best of profiles from the Baniya community.


Mr. Vijay B. Jatwani has one of the most trusted names in the field of Punjabi and Baniya
matrimony services.
MR. Vijay B. Jatwani
MR. Vijay B. Jatwani

Mr. V.B. Jatwani has been a part of the service industry for more than 40 years. His expertise: Public Relations.

His gift of understanding people and their needs; his art of managing relationships; along with years of professional
experience in the field, led him towards a field that revolves around anything but this.

A field that is purely connected to PUBLIC and RELATIONS: Matchmaking.


Our Matrimony Services

Our services are aimed at understanding and addressing the specific needs and requirements of each individual client and their family.
  • Matchmaking Expertise
  • Matchmaking Expertise
  • Matchmaking Expertise

It is righty said persistence and patience are the keywords to achieve guaranteed results. Similar has been our story. It took us a while to come across the right person and realise that we were truly 'meant to be'. All this was only possible with the efforts and hardwork by Jatwani Uncle and both their sons. Their entire team is dedicated and work upon each and every profile based on their requirements. Tons of thanks to the entire team for giving us what we truly deserved.

- Sohil Chadha & Shruti Katyal

Baniya Matrimony - Leading Baniya Matrimonial Services in Delhi NCR

A Baniya marriage is all about glitters, long-celebrations, and a lot of customs and rituals. We have been a part of 700+ success stories, and have matched couples from Agarwal, Gupta and Maheshwari families. Our team of matchmaking experts can help you find the right match in Baniya families.
  • Agarwal Matrimony

    Agarwal marriages are not just about matching the couples, but it's also about finding the right families. We at Golden Matrimonial Services are highly experienced in finding prospective matches in Agarwal families.

  • Gupta Matrimony

    Our team has 20+ years of experience in matching the bride and grooms from Gupta families. At the core, we understand how important it is for Gupta families to find the right prospective match.

  • Maheshwari Matrimony

    We offer services to find the right partner and family in a Maheshwari caste. Our handpicked data of Maheshwari brides and grooms exists in 15+ cities in India ranging like Jaipur, Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, to mention a few.

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